In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

A note from Paula Bouchard;

I can never express the immense amount of gratitude I feel for the overwhelming support we have received over the past few days. It would be easy at this time to get lost in the sadness of losing a loving husband, father and grandfather. However, our family, myself as well as the rest of the family here at Ron Bouchard's Auto Stores have chosen to take this time to reflect, not on the sadness we feel today, but on the joy Ron Bouchard the man brought to us. It is a joy that will carry us through the sadness and grief for many days to come.

For our children; Gene, Robbie, Michelle, Tracey, and Chad he was a father whose pride in his children was greater than his strength and desire as a competitor. For his mother Lorraine he was a son who always wanted to make his mother proud. For his brother and sister Joann and Kenny he was always an influential part of their lives. For his employees he could be both demanding and praising. He was very proud of what Ron Bouchard's Auto Stores has become. Ron's customers were always his primary concern for the success of our dealerships and their happiness and satisfaction in service and sales. If our customers were happy he was happy.

There were two sides to Ron Bouchard and I am so blessed to have known both for the qualities they carried. The public Ron Bouchard wanted to be the best. The competitive drive that burned inside him gave him the passion to win both in racing and in business. The private Ron Bouchard, the husband, father, grandfather, son, and brother wanted to be the best as well. He was always there for them at anytime. As his children grew and began making decisions on their own they would ask themselves "what would dad do"? I will ask myself this in the coming days and weeks and for a long time after that; what would Ronnie do?"

I think that what Ron would do and what Ron would want us to do is remember the joy that his life brought. Remember the things about him that made you happy. Remember the man who loved life and was the happiest person I knew and was the man who always would comfort us.


Paula Bouchard

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